Increase your CTR with
Video Personalization.
Big Data meets Customer Experience!

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Increase open rates through personalization. Combine your data sets with a video and increase CTR!

Do you regularly send out invoices, reports, newsletters or info emails to your clients? Imagine how effective it would be to turn the content of these messages into customized videos. Even Christmas greetings, birthday wishes or anniversary messages could be generated automatically. All this work is done by our software.

The best part is that you only need one video for each occasion. In this video, areas and placeholders are defined, which even allow entire scenes to become variable. At the appropriate points, the information is automatically retrieved from your database and inserted.

Mathematically, this means: One video plus a database of one million customers equals one million personalized videos - and all that in no time.

Try it!

From personalized mail to personalized landing page with personalized video.

Choose a video template, enter your email address, first name and a message and click "Submit" to get to your personalized landing page with personalized video. Spoiler alert: Your message will be spoken by a synthetic voice!

Your input in the form fields is just the beginning. In the real world, we can process countless data sets and generate a variety of personalized videos from them. Whether you prefer an API or Excel, we offer a variety of options. Best of all, we put security first!

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No time to enter data?

No problem! With just one click, you'll be taken to a pre-built landing page with random data. This way you can get an idea of how your customers would experience the personalized video and landingpage.

The CTR boost for your mailings through personalization!

1. Mailing

In the first step, we add the desired variable to your existing newsletter template. Afterwards, you simply continue as before, but in a more personalized way.

2. CTA in Mail

The mail now contains, for example, a personalized visual or product and, of course, the name of your customer. This increases the probability enormously that the CTA will be clicked.

3. Landingpage

Your customer is now being directed to a personalized landing page with the personalized video. There's room for lots of cross- & upselling offers. While he's here, show him interesting content!

Each landing page is completely unique for each customer.

The landing page is fully customizable and offers intelligent, data-driven content for each individual customer.

You can have unique call-to-actions, inform or educate customers about other products, run contests, or show other media.

Since each landing page is unique, engagement analytics can be collected to initiate intelligent sales follow-ups.

Keeping an eye on costs

Only videos that are viewed are paid for. True to the motto: "What you see is what you pay."

If you compare this with printed mass mailings, it would be as if the contents of the mailed letter were not printed out until the customer opened the letter. That would certainly be a great invention and save a lot of money, but of course it's not possible.

With our personalized videos, on the other hand, that's exactly what's possible, because we don't assemble the videos until it's clear that the customer wants to watch them, and we do it so quickly that no customer has to wait more than a few seconds for their video. For the customer, it feels like they're watching a normal video.

The costs for real-time rendering can be seen in this table ->


960 x 540 Pixel

real-time rendering
0,15/ Minute

100 minutes = 15 €
1.000 minutes = 150 €
10.000 minutes = 1.500 €

💻 FullHD

1920 x 1080 Pixel

real-time rendering
0,30/ Minute

100 minutes = 30 €
1.000 minutes = 300 €
10.000 minutes = 3.000 €

🖥️ UHD

3840 x 2160 Pixel

real-time rendering
0,60/ Minute

100 minutes = 60 €
1.000 minutes = 600 €
10.000 minutes = 6.000 €

Not a second is lost! Each video is billed by the second. For example: 6 videos with 10 seconds each result in only 0,15 Euro at qHD resolution. If you want to render more videos, contact us and we will create an individual offer for you, which is exactly tailored to your needs.

Open API for your CRM

Our interfaces are open to any CRM software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Monday, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Zoho and many more.



Yes, it is.
We adhere to the requirements of the GDPR in our projects.
It all depends on the scope of your project. Simply put, a tent costs less than a family house.
We will discuss your project with you and you will receive a transparent offer from us. The rendering costs for the individual videos can be found in this table -> Rendering costs
Yes, that works.
Since you only need to add more variables to your existing record, our system works with almost all CRM systems.
Yes there is, because you can simply continue to use your current reporting tools for your mail delivery, as we're just plugging into your existing mail delivery. Activities on the personalized landing page and activities regarding the personalized video (number of videos rendered, periods of videos viewed, etc.) are being shared with you if you need them.
A tent can be put up quickly, a family house not. 😉
Since we can implement anything from simple text personalizations to very complex 3D face mappings, the duration of the setup depends on the scope of your project. We will discuss your project with you and you will get a realistic estimate from us.
Yes, definitely!
If you have clients in multiple countries, we can set up the projects to work in multiple languages. We discuss in advance who will do the translations and how they need to be delivered for the project.